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Patch : 18.07.2017

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Posted 17 July 2017 - 08:41 PM

Date: 18th July 2017

Time :05:00 - 10:00am (GMT+8 )
Server will be down for Emergency maintenance.
If you can't login game after maintenance...it mean the maintenance has been extended.
Compensations: Old Blue Box x 2 , Heart Warming Food x1, Chain Laeding x1

Please avoid updating the game client during the maintenance period, it might cause blackscreen problem.

Patch notes:
■■■ New Content ■■■ 
1. New GH Lobby daily quest : Quartermaster’s requests (军需官的请求). The quest can be obtained from NPC Arnold at GH Lobby. By completing the quest will made you collect the [Dark Wings] faster.

2. Add new dating location [Nyan Nyan House]: Players that reach Base Lv.80 can unlock the map by completing the elite quest - Traitor Joey(叛变的佐伊) from NPC Fafnir at Glast Heim.
3.The players who finished Second Chapter of Main Story Quests can rewatch the Ending Animation again by talking to the NPC Emirin Yuna at [Geffen Tower Library]

4. New title system:
* Some titles can be unlocked by obtaining achievements on Journal
* Titles can unlock Perma STAT buffs, include [Permanent] & [Advanced] type, it will be displayed in front and behind the character name.
5. Achievement system Extended :
* Added Achievement category: [Character] , [Social] , [Adventure] 
* Added some fun hidden achievements, you can try explore them.
6. PVP balancing adjustments:
* MaxHP on PVP maps increased by 4x. The percent of MaxHP & MaxSP stay the same before and after you enter PVP maps. (Damage of [Burn Life] skill of Knight will not affected by the increasing MaxHP, the damage will be the same as common maps.)
* Added Debuff immunity system on PVP maps. You will gain immunity for a certain time if you heep hitting by same debuff for a certain time.

7. Add new NPC - Quartermaster , nearby the Training Dummy at Prontera (outside jobchange hall). You will get [Battle Token] by winning in PVP : kill / help killing / win at Desert Wolf & Mini WOE mode, and you can use the [Battle Token] to exchange some PVP exclusive Headgears and Cards by talking to Quartermaster.

8. Adjustment of Debuff Resistance: 
* STAT points will affect the resistance of Debuffs.
- INT will affect resistance of Poison, Bleeding, Freeze, Stone Curse, Curse, Blind, Sleep, Fear.
- VIT will affect resistance of Poison, Bleeding, Immobilize, Silence, Burn, Stun.
- DEX will affect resistance of Freeze, Stone Curse, Curse, Blind.
- STR will affect resistance of Immobilize, Silence.
- AGI will affect resistance of Burn, Stun.
- LUK will affect resistance of Sleep, Fear.
* Sound Effect will be played if the Debuff is being resisted & immuned.

9. Adjust the Refine effect of Weapon & Accessory : Ignore a few P.Damage & M.Damage reduction of target if the weapon and accessory Refine Lv. reached +5, +10, +15.

10. Add more flowers at Dating place [Hill of Promise • Floral Sea]
11. The reserved system msg of guild member online notification will be adjusted to 3 minutes.
12. Adjust the monster type of [Weak Puppet] from common monster to MINI BOSS.
13. Adjust the carding rule : You can replace the card(that already put in equipments) directly by using the card from Inventory. No need to go to Magic Furnace to remove the card again. Please note that the fee of replacing cards directly will still the same as removing card by talking to Magic Furnace.
14. Class balancing adjustment: Max reduction of P.Damage of [Energy Coat] will be adjusted to 70%.
15. Aesir Monument can be stored into personal storage.
16. Some item desc :“不可存入仓库”(can’t be stored) adjusted to “不可存入通用仓库”(can’t be stored in shared storage)

■■■ Gameplay Optimization■■■ 
1. Optimize the skill desc of [Lightning Rod]
2. Optimize the system text after you closed the UI of Gear strengthen/refine.
3. Optimize the Max guild funds and display of daily reset.
4. Optimize the Icon of [Star Amora]

■■■ Bug Fix■■■ 
1. Fix the bug of [Meteor Storm] & [Fire Pillar] which can’t trigger [Ignite] 
2. Fix the bug of Stone cursed monsters which the Def won’t change after stone cursed.
3. Fix the wrong desc of Rune skill : [Ignore Space] 
4. Fix the wrong desc of Knight Rune skills: [Counter Attack-Magic] 和 [Counter Attack-Ranged] 
5. Fix the wrong desc of [Tornado Axe] & [Split Axe] which different with skill damage.
6. Fix the wrong track source of some cards.( such as Sealed Bacsojin Card & Sealed Apocalypse Card).
7. Fix the missing Boss pages on [Journal - Monsters] 
8. Fix the missing Boss Card pages on [Journal - Cards]
9. Fix the bug achievement : “这就是终结” which can’t be finished even you finish the quest. 
10. Fix the wrong portrait of monster in Dojo.
11. Fix the wrong “follow” status in party after warpning.
12. Fix the bug of [Mistress Card] which still cost you Blue Gemstone when using [Warp Portal] & [Double-sided Portal] 
13. Fix the missing desc of [Sashimi] 
14. Fix the bugged damage of [Beast Master] that doesn’t increase when equipped with [Double Bound] 
15. Fix the bug when using [Charge] (it will made you leave the mount)
16. Fix the bugged amount of NPCs on Journal.
17. Fix the bug of [Staff of Elemental] which doesn’t have any effect on [Meteor Storm] 
18. Fix the bug of Journal which you can unlock the additional achievements by only killing the MVP BOSS once.
19. Fix the bug of Collection Items which can’t be exchanged again even after collecting the required amount IF you sold it before.
20. Fix the wrong desc of [Hair Dyestuff-EX Color].

Patch notes history:

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