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Patch : 15.08.2017

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Posted 14 August 2017 - 08:39 PM

▲▲ OBT server maintenance ▲▲

Date: 15th August 2017
Time : 05:00-11:00 (GMT+8 )
Server will be down for maintenance.
If you can't login game after maintenance...it mean the maintenance has been extended.
Compensations: Old Blue Box x 2 , Heart Warming Food x1, Chain Laeding x1

■■■ New Content ■■■
1. New fashion preview feature added on gear Tips. Players may now try on the gear to preview how it looks like on you.(Like this : https://goo.gl/eSXmF8)

2. Market Manager NPC added beside the Music Player at Prontera South Field.

3. Valhalla-Aesir Monument new feature added : [Activate all] & [Reset].
► [Activate all] :It will automatically choose the shortest way to activate the target Rune Skill from the Rune Skill you have learnt. Can’t be use if Guild Contributions & Gold Badges are not enough.
► [Reset]:You may now reset your runes with consuming some Zeny.(The amount will depend on how many rune points you want to reset, more points will cost you more Zeny. Maximum consumed Zeny is 500k Zeny each time) . The Guild Contributions & Gold Badge will be refunded after the reset. You can reset as many times you want (as long as you can afford).

4. New rules of uploading guild photo album:
► The players that have the authority to upload photos on the guild wall, may upload with maximum 4 photos. Click the photo on the wall to edit or replace.
► Guild leader and sub leader can edit the authority of uploading photos. Guild leader can give sub leader the authority to edit other member’s permission.
► The old photo wall that used to auto upload the pictures of members will be closed temporary. It will be optimized in the future.

5. Add scenery photo category in personal album. You may now check all your journal scenery photo on your personal album.

6. Adjust the unlock system of Star Sign series headgears : from “Craft to Unlock” to “Obtain to Unlock” (You may now unlock it on Journal by just obtaining it). Add source of obtaining Star Sign Headgears on the item tips.

7. Add [Game Agency and Licensing Contract] info on game login screen.

■■■ Gameplay optimization ■■■
1. Optimize “King Poring” system:
► Show the cards you may obtain when opening the Card Recreation interface.
► Add animation. It will play the animation by default, untick it to cancel the animation while recreating the cards.
2. Optimize inventory :
► If your inventory is full , when you unequip gears / use gift packs or old blue box or card album / quest items, will be added into inventory with temporary additional slot. Other common items will be placed into temporary bag.
► The vanish countdown will only start if the amount of items in temporary bag is more than 10. Countdown duration adjusted from 24 hours to 72 hours. The countdown will not refresh even if the amount of items changed.
► There will be red dot appeared on temporary bag if there’s new item placed there.

3. Optimize the slotting tips: You may now check if the gear can be slotted or not by checking the gear info. If it doesn’t show anything means the gear can’t be slotted.

4. Optimize some desc of “Valhalla-Aesir Monument”(runes) :
► [Sword Mastery-Power]:“P.ATK of [Sword Mastery]+X%”。
► [Charge Attack]: “Learn [Charge Attack], instantly rush to the enemy afar and deal 200% P.damage. Longest charge distance +X Meter and damage +X% with every rune point.
► [Magic Strike]: Normal attacks influenced by MATK +X%”。
► [Gravitation Field Ⅱ]: Learn [Gravitation Field] Lv 2, continuously deal non-elemental M.damage to all the targets around the caster and lower the movement & ASPD by 10% for X sec (consume Blue Gemstone x1). M.damage +X and movement & ASPD -X with every rune point.
► [Gravitation Field Ⅰ]: Learn [Gravitation Field] Lv 1, continuously deal non-elemental M.damage to all the targets around the caster and lower the movement & ASPD by 10% for X sec (consume Blue Gemstone x1). M.damage +X and movement & ASPD -X with every rune point.
► [Blitz Beat Ⅵ] :Have X% chance to double the damage of [Blitz Beat]
► [Lasting Healing] : Targets affected by [Heal] will get a Regen buff (works on self too). For the next X sec, regenerate 10% of the Heal amount every 3 sec
► [Normal Attack Ignite]: Normal attacks will trigger [Ignite] effect after using Flame Heart.

5. Optimize the muted rule: You can still chat in party / guild channel if you’re muted now.
6. Optimize the debuff icon of Decrease AGI.

■■■ Bug Fix ■■■
1. Fix the bug which you can’t store/withdraw stacked item if the shared storage or inventory is full.
2. Fix the bug of abnormal amount of ASPD on Perma buff interface.
3. Fix the bug of Quest list which won’t show the reward when you click and hold it.
4. Fix the bug of Journal when you click it through titles, the data won’t sync.
5. Fix the bug of STAT points which won’t take effect on resisting debuff status.
6. Fix the bug of Achievement : Glast Heim Collections which some players can’t complete even you met the requirements.
7. Fix the bug of some titles which won’t be able to obtain even after unlocking the achievements.
8. Fix the wrong triggered skill level of [Angelic Protection] .
9. Fix the bug of [Talking Skill] which can be applied on Boss monsters.

History patch notes:

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