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Episode 3.0 [ Coming soon ]

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Posted 09 November 2017 - 12:13 AM

Credit : Clo's Murmur

Producer Livestream #3 Notes:

EP3 War Of Emperium
▴ EP3.0 Part 1 ▴ Mid December/before Christmas
New maps, new jobs, new game, new gears, new boss
(Lutie, Toy Factory, Poring Island, etc)


▴ EP3.0 Part 2 ▴ Mid January
Guild VS Guild (WOE)


Q1 - Job Adjustments
● Every jobs will be boosted, and adjusted to fit in GVG.
● Dev team is now preparing for JOB Lv.70.
● The jobs currently strong enough: Blacksmith, AOE Wizard, Bash Knight. HP of Crusader
● The jobs that need to be boosted: ADL Hunter, Assassin, Monk ...
● Priest will be boosted too to make manual player stronger.



Q2 - Journal Account bound
● This will be implemented before EP3.
● You only need to complete the achievement once, it will be shared among same account.
● The headgears and cards that already stored inside the Journal will be retrieved, there will be compensations too.
● Stamina (Battle time) account bound will be considered too.



Q3 - Channel merge
● The monsters/resources on fields will be adjusted for merging.
● The plan is to have enough resources even there are many players around.
● Dev team is also planning on changing the MVP looting rule: everyone can have the loots (EVERYONE!)
● Conclusion: After merging, the grinding spot will be increased.



Q4 - Gifting system
● It will be testing on CBT server this week.
● Gifting system will be implemented before EP3



Q5 - GVG
● There will be two WOE weekly.
● Guild can be built into two different way : PVP(GVG) or PVE
● God Items will be set as Guild property, Guild leader choose who to use them. It can be strengthen/refined.
● How to obtain God item: Occupied a guild castle and you will have chance to get it from the chest.
● Guild Flag will be added to some cities and the guild emblem can be customized soon.



Q6 - New Job
● Alchemist - Acid Bottle build / Homunculus build / Gear protect & destroy build(GVG build)
● Rogue - PVP Build / Bow build(or grind stealing build) / Stripper *wink*



Q7 - New map and new game
● Lutie for Christmas. main storyline, sub quests, new boss.
● Poring Island for date/relax/chill.
● New mini game on Poring Island (Similar to Big Cat event?), better reward and new fashion items.
● New game will be implemented every month. The first game will be Poring Fights. Kafra game will be available in December. There will also be some competitive mini games after GVG released.



Q8 - Others
● Marriage system will be implemented before Valentine Day. Rebirth system will be next after marriage system.
● Collection quest hint will be added soon... (They want us to read the story but the story is in Chinese so...)
● Addons will be banned in the future. (They said)
● CBT server registration will be opened soon.
● Premium Card will have more features.
● Character slots will be added once the stamina system & Journal account bound is implemented.
● Mount will be available too.(not sure when, they didn;t said)
● Costume system WIP
● Lv99 will be implemented on EP3 (along with aura)
● New cart coming soon.

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